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89% of BOAT OWNERS saying this habit - is a CULT like BEHAVIOR

Cult people pray for hubs

what is it? GREASING your trailer HUBS

yep that's right, and it's not a Conspiracy Theory 

it's happens to me every damn day, check out this conversation:

my client:

Not sure why but -
when I speak with them (over the phone) I always imagine they're doing YOGA :) 


real human expressions

my trailer hubs broke mid drive - they sold me bad hubs

hmmm... don't need to

grease is a hoax

when was the last time you've greased your hubs?

really?! what makes you say that?


that's right, it's a conspiracy to get us to buy more.. i'm totally ANTI GREASE, you?

oh dear god..

so what are you? a PRO GREASER or an ANTI greaser?

either way, JOIN OUR CULT! 

All jokes aside, I felt like I have to do something about it!
because m
ost of TRAILER owners are ignoring their trailer HUBS!
Horse, Boat, Utility Trailers - and i get it - the TRAILER is just a means to an end.
so I started creating educational products, like this MANUAL: 

I guarantee even your wife will change your trailer hub after she reads it!! - jokes are back..

Big Hub Energy manual cover

great name right?! - I knew you'll like it!

why i'm bothering you with this? 

main reasons:


1. Learn how to effortlessly REPLACE A HUB   

2. SAVE money with extended hub life    

3. Save valuable TIME - no more guesswork or endless research on the internet (we know were thats leads us..)

Inside this manual: 

Recognize - what hub you need, hub components, their definitions and functions 

Discover industry jargon, secrets, and pro tips - priceless!

it is SIMPLE and comprehensive - even for the slowest of us!

Here is the BEST part - ALL OF THAT FOR absolutely FREE!!!

even if you're an expert I think you would love this manual, click on the manual cover to download for FREE (normally $35) 

download yours for free

Big Hub Energy Manual cover
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