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Zinc plated UFP Idle hub which fits both 5,200 to 6000 lb axles


This kit includes:

1x 2600 lb rated zinc idle hub bolt patter 6 on 5 1/2 inch

1x inner Bearing Number 25580 1 3/4 inner diameter

1x outer Bearing Number 67048 1 1/4 inner diameter

1x cotter pin

1x 13/16 inch spindle washer

1x 13/16 inch spindle nut

1x spindle nut retainer

1x UFP dust cap 

1x rubber plug

6x 1/2-20 zinc lug nuts 


Important Note:

This 6 Bolt Trailer Hub includes two grease seals, one measures 2 1/8 inch Inner diameter and the other measures 2 1/4 inch inner diameter. Both will fit into the hub, but only one will fit snugly onto your spindle, we include both in the kit. 


Zinc Hub kit 6 Lug for 5200 lb or 6000 lb for Trailer Axle UFP brand

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